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7am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday
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From Kendall on 7/04/2017 1:34:47 PM

Flynn has loved going to this daycare every weekday for the last 18 months. He even tries to go on weekends!! Thank you so much to all the staff at AEE making it so easy for me to drop Flynn off everyday and not have to worry if he is going to be ok and happy. Flynn talks about his teachers and friends non stop and he will miss everyone so much. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all at AEE for looking after our little man SO fantastically!!

From Sheriee on 6/02/2017 2:06:53 PM

I just wanted to give some feedback and say how fantastic it is to get the updates each day on what Ollie is doing. I appreciate how busy the teachers must be during the day with all of the babies and their activities, so to have so many photos and the write up every day to let us know what they got up to is fantastic. The caregivers are so lovely and have really made me feel comfortable and reassured since Ollie started and I know he is having a great time now he is adjusting. I don’t think people give thanks enough for a job well done – so thanks to you all.

From Alex on 3/02/2017 11:41:20 AM

I wanted to pass on a huge thank you to all of the ladies that look after Emme. She absolutely loves attending day care and since we returned from the Christmas break I've found she doesn't want to leave at the end of the day to come home as she is having so much fun. I've also spoken with a number of the ladies about Emme's tummy issues and they've been amazing in terms of acknowledging it and looking after her and keeping track of it. I feel so comfortable leaving Emme every morning.

From Phoebe on 20/01/2017 12:10:17 PM

I just want to say a huge thanks to Yoomi and Lili and the girls in the baby room. Frankie has started to adjust to daycare and I think she's having a great time. Every time I pop in the girls are really attentive and interactive and it makes it much easier for me not being with her. Starting Frankie at daycare was a hugely emotional time for me and I have to say I couldn't be happier having chosen you guys, she is blossoming. This morning she ran off and just looked back and waved at me. That is huge for her and shows she enjoys her time there. She also blows the girls kisses when we leave so I know she likes them :)

From Gemma on 20/12/2016 10:29:38 AM

Amelie has really enjoyed her time at AEE! The carers have been so caring and involved. Thank you!

From Anya on 5/12/2016 11:20:48 AM

As a parent I am so happy that my child has such amazing educators, I can tell that Mayah has so much fun, is very loved and learns a lot during her days at child care. I am so impressed that each week she comes home saying new words and also knows actions to some nursery rhymes . Every morning Mayah and I are always greeted with a big smile and lots of positive energy and at the end of the day I always get a debrief on how Mayah was today. The range of activities is fantastic and I love that everything the kids do gets displayed on the walls, it makes the room feel very homely, fun and colourful, the kids and parent can enjoy their work throughout the week. I also enjoy the updates on the website! I am sure lots of other parents feel the same way!

From Ronelle on 18/11/2016 1:21:23 PM

Both our boys loved their time at Alexandria Early Education. The facilities and program are excellent, and the “Show and Tell” routine is a wonderful experience for all the kids to share their home life with their friends at daycare. The staff are exceptional – the teachers are so caring and understanding, and really provide a safe and nurturing environment for little people who spend many hours a week away from home and in their care. Our boys felt like they belonged, and that was really lovely. We will surely always be grateful for the important and effective role that all the teachers at Alexandria Early Education have played over the years in our kids’ secure emotional development. We highly recommend this centre!

From Kate on 20/10/2016 8:26:04 AM

Alexandria Early Education is a loving and nurturing environment for children, my 1 year old has blossomed at the school and always greets her favourite teacher Yoomi with a big smile and her arms reach out for a cuddle straight away. All the teachers know my daughter by name even though they don’t all work in the babies room which shows how deeply involved they are with all children in the centre. The staff create a happy and fun environment and it makes it so much easier for me to go to work and leave my little girl for the day knowing she is going to be well cared for. My daughter loves music and I recently noticed that she knows all the hand movements to ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ the nursery rhyme! Which just goes to show how much my daughter is enjoying the centre as she is learning and memorising what the staff teach her and my daughter is growing into a confident girl and that’s thanks to the staff at Alexandria Early Education! Thank you all for the great work you do!

From Matthew on 7/10/2016 7:27:31 AM

To all the wonderful people at AEE Claudia and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing contribution you have made to Clementine, Scout and Sunday's development over the nearly 5 years we have been associated with AEE. From the first day we dropped the girls there in 2012 there was always an incredible amount of compassion and care provided to the children. Clementine and Scout still revel in the opportunity to go back and see Sue and Josh and reminisce about the times they had when they were young! That then continued on with Sunday's time at AEE. He wasn't that impressed with the concept of being left on his own but over time his confidence grew through the nurture and kindness he received. We knew from watching Josh taking him under his wings from the first day and the fact that Anna could somehow deal with his high pitch scream as I ran out the door that he'd be fine. From there it became tough to get the little bugger out of the place. He couldn't wait to get through the door to give his teachers a huge cuddle, car rides home entailed telling me of Hahn's newest yoga pose, the new best friend he made, the art he did, the show and tells that happened, he was just so happy to be there. It is this happiness that we are indebted to you all for providing as his happiness is everything to us and of you have had a massive part in creating this for him. So once again a big thank you to all of you for kindness and care over the years, there is no greater comfort than to know that when you are not with your children that they are receiving the love that they need. Your role as educators is an incredibly important job that is so often overlooked, however, we are fully aware of how lucky we have been to have had our children in your capable hands.

From Libby on 3/06/2016 8:13:52 AM

We have been extremely happy with the care we have had at AEE. We saw and talked to over 20 centres and when we came here we knew we'd found the one. The care, love and warmth of the staff is second to none. They are welcoming and loving and the kids love them. We are very sad to leave.

From Melinda on 10/12/2015 9:39:13 AM

This centre is fabulous. We even moved out of the area and I was keen to keep my girls at AEE. Both my girls have attended AEE since they were 6 months old and the level of service you provide and the care of your teachers have often set my mind at ease when leaving my children with someone other than myself. I really love all the skills you teach them and allowing them to express themselves through craft and play. I am so happy they are learning in the supportive environment that AEE provides. My girls have been lovingly looked after in the 5+ years that we have been with AEE. My girls are always greeted as soon as they walk in the door in the morning and waved goodbye in the afternoon & not just by their own teachers but by all the teachers they see. It really is a caring family environment. I have really appreciated the level of parental involvement too, from Mother's Day and Father's Day activities to assisting on excursions and of course the Christmas Party. The meals provided are great and to be honest I often check what they have been eating (especially if they go for second helpings) so that I can replicate at home. The communication you provide is fantastic and also the response time to queries is always actioned straight away which is really appreciated. All in all, it will be a sad day when we leave. I know the girls have had a fabulous time and have made lots of friends.

From Karly on 7/12/2015 8:40:10 AM

Archer first started at the centre back in November 2014 when he was only 5 months old and obviously, as you can imagine as we were new parents, we were nervous. We had been and inspected many centres while I was pregnant but there was something about AEE that we felt very comfortable with and we knew we wanted our child enrolled in the centre. Then we met Lili... What an amazing woman! I can't explain to you how important she has been in our lives over the past 12 months, especially Archer's. From day one, Lili has shown Archer and in turn us, warmth and love. She has always kept us up-to-date on his progress at the centre, both good and not so good. Archer loves going to the centre for the four days a week he is there and there is no doubt in our minds that Lili has a lot to do with that. All of the staff we have interacted with in the baby beginners room (including Hannah who I believe has moved onto another room) have been great but Lili really is just something else. She is kind, considerate and respectful. She always has time to answer our questions and offer suggestions on how we can approach different developmental stages that we, as new parents, find challenging. On the days Archer is at the centre we are confident that he is in good hands. That he is safe. There is nothing more calming for a new parent then knowing that their child is being taken care of at child care, as you would under your roof. I really do put this down to the beautiful environment that is created by Lili and all of the staff in the baby beginners room. Chris and I just can't thank Lili and the staff of AEE enough for making the first 12 months of child care a lovely experience for us. It's without a doubt that we would recommend the centre to all our friends who are currently and will be in the future, looking for a child care centre for their children.