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7am to 6:30pm, Monday to Friday
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We are inviting you to place your child on our waiting list for placement within one of our Centres. Please complete the Waiting List Application below. For families who are seeking an immediate start, please call our team on 9669 6262 and speak to the Centre Director at the Centre of your interest directly.

An administration fee of $120 will be required with any waiting list application or enrolment application. This fee is applied toward the initial fees payable, but is not refundable should your child be withdrawn from care, or if you are offered a position at the centre (which may or may not be preferred days requested) and you decline it, or you decide not to enrol your child. We will refund your administration fee if we have not been able to offer you care within 12 months from your requested start date. The waiting list fee is refundable with proof of receipt only, within 1 year after the date that the refund is claimable.

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